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  • R3IG helps companies reach their full potential by implementing the strategic programs needed to prosper in a rapidly evolving business climate.
  • Our objective is to positively impact revenue and profitability by initiating high performance sales and operating programs.
  • Leveraging today’s most powerful marketing and technology frameworks, R3IG provides a proven platform to help companies reach new heights.

What We Do

We Turn Good Companies Into Great Companies

The R3 Investment Group is a special purpose management company that helps private companies scale and reach value targets. We surface the opportunities that help proven organizations improve their revenue and operating channels.

The R3 Investment Group brings ability to implement modern tactics to grow revenue and drive towards continued success. We create value by empowering people with fresh ideas, new marketing programs and postioning for long-term consistent growth with minimal disruption.

We Make Strong Independent Growth Possible...

The experts at R3 Investment Group have developed many successful sales, marketing and management programs. Portfolio companies enjoy revenue expansion by developing greater brand reach and new capabilities to perform against actionable insights. We customize our programs as your partner to improve the functions that result in higher value. We work tirelessly to generate maximum returns while better positioning employees for independent ongoing success.

Increase Value With Us As Your Partner...

In both pre and post liquidity-event scenarios, our experience enables us to uncover and pursue new growth channels that help companies focus on increasing revenue. Maybe you want to improve your earnings pre-exit to maximize potential value. Or maybe you want to create a liquidity-event now, fund your retirement and set the company up for ongoing success under a change of control. The R3 Investment Group will have a vested interest in making you stand out from the competition and drive value.

Market Conditions and Our Current Approach

Positioning a company for consistent growth while creating enterprise value are important components to attracting follow-on capital and standing out from the crowd. And its a very big crowd. Your company will be directly compared to similar companies and exepected returns will be planned for collaboratively. It's important to know where you stand in these comparisons while setting realistic expectations and filling any gaps that will impact value. We can offer realistic views through an investors eye and help overcome challenges.


Planning sessions with R3IG are the initial phases where we collaboratively plan for success. We will identify time horizons, current market conditions, current outlook and what it might take to position the company for strong valuation and ongoing success.


During the strategic planning phase we will expand upon what makes your company and its employees good. Then we'll work to help make them great. From vision to individual processes we will define the waypoints and measurements to drive company revenue to newfound heights.


The 'results phase' is where returns are driven. Private companies often have complicated and volitile revenue channels. Its impoprtant to partner with a team who can embrace this and continue to deliver consistent growth while maintaining a view towards driving future valuations.

Who We Are

The R3 Investment Group is a team of successful investors, entrepreneurs and operating executives. We also have deep reach into subject matter experts servicing all operations that support positioning including: funding, sales, marketing, accounting, technology, banking and legal. Partnering with the R3IG team results in a far different experience. The main difference is in our approach. We will reach outside generally accepted old-school management philosophies while leveraging our hands-on experiences in building great companies using modern tactics. We will create a highly collaborative environment and empower employees with new knowledge that drives results and will be there by your side through it all.
Experience has shown us the many ways that any one company can be unique in its industry, so we do not use a one-size-fits-all model. We work with your people to understand them and your processes, enabling us-together-to expand upon the best of what you have already built. To do so, we use modern technology and advanced business tactics that have been highly successful in our previous engagements.
Businesses with misaligned departmental strategies can't compete in todays markets. Yet many are misaligned, and often the misalignment is found in such crucial departments as sales, marketing and engineering. You may have the most highly qualified people managing and operating those departments, and they may have the most effective tactics for penetrating the market, but if their strategy is not fundamentally in line with market demand, the customers they bring to you will not be the ones you are in the best position to retain.

Technology has facilitated the ability of corporate leaders to drive unified strategies across the enterprise, and R3IG can help you leverage that technology to your competitive advantage.
Defining the communications that reveal the value your products or services bring to the market can guide your efforts to holistically help your customers succeed. Depending on the nature and culture of your company and its market, the content we create to illustrate your value proposition can take many forms. You can tell your story through whitepapers, case studies, and success stories. For certain purposes, video presentations may be the best vehicle to carry your message. In other cases, webinars or other types of web presentations may be the best choice.

R3IG can work with you to ensure that your efforts to align sales and marketing with the corporate vision and strategy connect, through content creation, to the development of sales funnels that will steer potential customers toward that content, and ultimately into purchasing your products or services. One of the most effective funnels we have developed is internal database marketing. Analyzing internal databases has the advantage of potentially providing specific indicators of your most valuable customers, and their responsiveness to direct communications. Compared to demographic or survey data, internal databases can also precisely guide you to specific key segments of your market. We also have helped clients use social media very effectively as a sales funnel. This technology is rapidly advancing in sophistication as a means for businesses to reach customers, and for customers to find the businesses that offer them the greatest value.
Your sales and marketing efforts may be perfectly aligned with corporate strategy, you may have the greatest content available, and you may have one of the widest sales funnels in your industry, but those tools can get you only so close to your corporate goals if you cannot measure your their effectiveness and intelligently tweak them to maintain and improve their effectiveness. The data that even small and medium businesses can now collect and analyze in the light of their objectives enables the most competitive of those businesses to close the loop on their tactical efforts, using the results of previous efforts to guide the path of their next steps.

Carefully designed tactical programs include reporting strategies that can allow you to evaluate the efforts quantitatively and continually evolve the system in a virtuous circle of success. R3IG can work with you to develop the appropriate analytics for your business's tactical activities.

Just as important, today's advanced analytics can calculate the ROI on an increasingly large percentage of business activities. Analytics can also help you identify key performance indicators-statistics unique to your business and industry that give you a bird's eye view on whether you are doing better or worse than your expectations. Such indicators can be powerful guides for fine-tuning business processes throughout your organization.
The R3 Investmnet Group enjoys its position as a primary investor which forces us to be linked with success and outcomes. Naturally, this model does not work for every business. The investment of time and resources into company positioning can be intense. Consequently, we must be very selective about the engagements we accept.

Our financial goal is to increase the growth of our portfolio companies. We succeed only when our partners succeed. Operating in this mode allows us to support valuation metrics while motivating us to help everyone be the best they can be.